Heart attack causes, symptoms and home remedies to avoid a heart attack.

Heart attack causes, symptoms and home remedies to avoid heart attack.
Heart attack causes, symptoms and home remedies to avoid a heart attack.

Home remedies for heart attacks: With changing lifestyle, everyone in today's time suffers from some type of illness. Due to wrong eating habits, people are at increased risk for heart diseases, due to which the risk of heart attack is increasing from elders to young people. Some people do not know the symptoms of heart attacks and remedies. If its symptoms and measures to avoid the danger of heart attack, its risk is greatly reduced. Apart from this, you can also avoid the risk of heart diseases and heart attacks through a healthy diet and exercise. Today we will save you some symptoms of heart attack symptoms, causes, and avoidance, which can reduce the risk by 80 percent.

Risk of heart attack increases in winter

According to research, the risk of heart attack increases along with minor problems in the winter. Symptoms of heart attack remain the same, but there is a greater risk in winter. Winter winters due to the wind, shortness of breath and eating habits also decrease, which can lead to heart attack.

symptoms of the heart attack

Chest pain

Chest discomfort is the first possible symptom of cardiac arrest. During this, there may be complaints of uneasiness or pain. At the same time, there may be a feeling of strong pressure or stiffness for a few minutes in the chest center.

Upper body pain

This condition of pain and discomfort can reach from your chest to your shoulders, arms, waist, neck, teeth or jaws. Not only this, this pain in the upper part of your body can also be without any uncomfortable chest.

stomach ache

This pain can reach the abdominal muscles growing downwards. During this time you may also feel a burning sensation in your chest.

Inhalation of breath

You may have a complaint of upset breath, as well as you start taking deep sympathy. This condition can usually occur before discomfort in the chest. It is also possible that you do not feel any discomfort in the chest.


You can feel very pressurized or unhappy. It is also possible that you realize that you are getting panic attacks without any reason.


It is possible that you may get too much sweating for no reason. Along with this, you may feel cold. Your skin may become sticky.


You may have a lot of trouble in the stomach. You may also feel vomit.
Most heart attacks start with microscopic symptoms. Many times there is just uncomfortable, no chest pain. The pain in the chest keeps on going. Do not ignore your symptoms, whether it is indigestion or stress.
Diabetes patients sometimes do not show this symptom. In such patients, there is no symptom or pain that has a Silent Heart Attack.

cause of heart attack

High cholesterol
High blood pressure
Genetic problem

Home remedies to avoid the heart attack

1. gourd juice

Daily consumption of gourd or juice is saved from the danger of heart attack. Apart from this raw food is also beneficial for heart diseases.

2. Peepal leaves

Boil peepal 10-12 leaves and boil them in water. Drinking it for at least 15 days eliminates the problem of heart blockage and reduces the risk of heart attack.

3. Germinated wheat

To germinate the wheat with 10 minutes of water, let it be 1 inch long by bind it in some clothes. Its consumption daily reduces the risk of heart attack.

 4. Carrots

Eating raw carrots or its juice is very beneficial for the heart. Drinking daily carrot juice and adding green vegetables to the diet can help you avoid it.

5. Arjuna bark

Make powder by drying the bark of Arjul. By drinking this tea by drinking this powder daily, you keep away from the danger of heart attack.

6. Ginger juice

Heat 1 cup ginger juice, lemon juice, garlic, and apple cider vinegar. Once cooled, mix honey in it. Drinking 3 teaspoons of empty stomach daily ends the problem of heart blockage.

Other things to avoid the heart attack 

1. Exercise regularly

The best way to avoid heart attacks is to exercise regularly. You should do physical work for at least 15 minutes. Walking is also a good exercise to keep the heart healthy.

2. Avoid oily or junk foods

Junk food contains more oil so it is not right for Hart. Avoid this type of food to avoid heart attacks.

3. Remove fat

If you are obese then you have a risk of heart attack. By having too much weight, the heart has to pump more blood and more energy so that you have more pressure on the delicate heart.

4. Eat the right diet

Taking the right diet is very important. To avoid a heart attack, it is important to take a balanced diet.

5. Do not press urine and defecation

When there is the pressure of urination and defecation, then you have to go first or later. Pressing this has an effect on the heart and it also causes the infection.

6. Avoid stress

Stay away from stress to avoid the heart attack. If you have lost any of your loved ones, then prepare your heart for it and seek love and peace.

7. Continue Checking Blood Pressure

If you want to keep your heart healthy, keep checking blood pressure from time to time. High blood pressure increases the risk of heart attack.

8. Eat fish

Fish is not only good for eyes but also removes many kinds of heart diseases. Take a fishery once a week.

If you have diabetes, be very careful.

People suffering from sugar know what is good and what is not for them. If you have diabetes, then it affects the heart. If you keep getting attack then you need more caution.
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