Home remedies for enhancing facial beauty

Home remedies for enhancing facial beauty
Home remedies for enhancing facial beauty

Beauty Tips for Face: To enhance the facial beauty it is not necessary that you use cosmetic support every time you sit at home, by adopting the domestic methods given by us, you can also bring more refinement in the facial beauty. Yes, now you are sitting at home, fairness, Pimples Free, acne and can get rid of black spots in the face.

Beauty Tips for Face

In this article "Beauty Tips for Face", we will tell you how you can improve your beauty with the help of available things in your home.

Beauty Tips for oily Face

Lemon & Honey for oily face

If your face is oily (i.e. oil) then you can use lemon and honey. This is a great home recipe (Gharelu Nuskha) to eliminate oil from your face. To use it, prepare a mixture of one honey and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and massage it on your face for 5 minutes. And finally, wash your face with lukewarm water.

Hot Lemon Water for Oily Face

Typically the problem of pimples and acne is found in people with the oily face. And if you want to get rid of these problems quickly, then you must take a glass of hot water in the morning and empty stomach. Because the hinges keep your skin hydrated as well as the lack of vitamin C so that your face starts clearing.

Face Beauty Tips

1. In summer, the brightness of the skin decreases. Therefore, daily massage of the skin for face care should be done in the summer.

2. In Summer makeup should be very light 

3. During the summer, nails are going to break too much, the nails that strengthen the nails must be used on their nails.

4. Light colored nail polish in summer.

5. Before applying lipstick, do not forget to apply lip balm vaseline and tighten it by putting it in the refrigerator before applying lipstick.

6. During the summer, wear a natural or plain lipstick at a wedding party, which does not spread much

7. Do not forget to put a little perfume in the last

Home remedies for enhancing facial beauty

1. Aloe vera juice Apple cider vinegar and turmeric putting on a mixture of these three face removes facial frigidity

2. Use of turmeric and lemon juice to make the face blonde and beautiful is the best. This remedy is best for oily skin valves.

3. Make a paste by mixing gram flour and turmeric powder. Place this paste on your face nicely, doing this will make your face clean and shine.

4. Honey, rose petals and milk paste also help you to clean your color and increase the face strength.

5. Papaya is very useful in reducing the color of the face; raw papaya helps remove dead skin cells.

6. Mix curd, amla powder, turmeric, and gram flour and mix together the aloe vera juice and little lemon juice in it and prepare a paste and apply it on your face. By doing so, the black spots in your face will end and the face will start shining and moisture in the face.

7. Putting pineapple and ripe tomato paste on face, face shines.

8. Drink 4-6 liters of water daily so that the toxins present in the body can drain out

9. Eat nutritious food so that the body gets essential nutrients.

10. To maintain the beauty of your face, definitely, include green vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet.

Beauty Tips for Face in Winter Season

Although the winter season is a favorite of all, the weather brings some problems with them, especially for those who grow up in this season, whose skin is more rugged and oily, at this time in the winter season It is very difficult to take care of your skin.

That's why we are going to tell you the following: Some of the most beautiful tips you can take care of your face easily in winter.


Wash your face two to three times in winter days and clean it well before sleeping at night. You can use cold milk and cotton wool to clean the face.


Scrubbing is very important for all seasons, but in the winter, you can change the scrubbing routine, such as scrubbing once or twice a week in the winter compared to the summer.

Be hydrated

You need more moisture for the rustic skin, so you should keep your skin hydrated and drink continuously to stay hydrated.

Use the right moisturizer

Moisturizing is not only necessary for a rookie and lifeless skin, but it can be used by anyone in their daily life. In the winter, you can use Moisturizing rich in natural properties.

Beauty Tips for Face in Summer Season

It is very important in the summer season to have a lot of attention in the face. You can use sunscreen to protect your skin. If there is too much sunshine in summer, do not get out


Like in the winter, you must wash your face two to three times in the summer and clean it well before sleeping at night. You can use cold milk and cotton wool to clean the face.

Apply Face Pack

In the summer, you can apply various types of face packs on your face to enhance the beauty of the face. Prepare a face pack with a mixture of yogurt sandalwood tomato juice and aloe vera gel in a bowl and place it well on your face. Not only will your face be cleaned, but it will also glowing on your face.

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