Ayurvedic treatment for pigmentation on face.

Ayurvedic treatment for pigmentation on face.
Ayurvedic treatment for pigmentation on face.

What is the problem of pigmentation?:- which is the problem of pigmentation means when black spots are on a woman's face, then she is called pigmentation. Because of the problem of pigmentation, the face of any woman does not look good because the color of the face of that woman becomes dark from Normal color and her beauty ends. In some women, the problem of pigmentation occurs after pregnancy, but in some women, the problem of pigmentation is already started.

The cause of falling pigmentation is the lack of nutrients in anyone's body. If any woman or person is getting pigmentation at a young age, then it means that she is unable to get the full amount of food because of which she has to undergo the problem of pigmentation. Apart from this, the problem of Apart from this, the problem of pigmentation is found in those people who come in contact with sunlight more is found in those people who come in contact with sunlight more.

Initially, the pigmentation spots on the face appear very small, but gradually it grows and becomes dark. In fact, melanocytes are activated in the skin, from ultraviolet rays to the sun, our confidence decreases on the face and scars of the face and some people become victims of depression.

cause of pigmentation 

1. The reason for being pigmentation on the face is that in today's times, people consume more and less fried things, due to which your heat gets increased in your stomach and you get to see its effect on your face and this one Due to this reason too, And the cause of that pigmentation on the face
2. Due to taking too much stress, the face gets pigmentation.

Treatment of removing pigmentation

1. You will need these things to finish the pigmentation. First cucumber second one slice of apple third fourth one big spoon lemon juice, One big spoon curd after pouring all these things in the blender and blend it well, after blending it is a smooth Paste will be ready. Now, this paste has two things to meet and the first is Multani soil And second is a teaspoon honey mixed in this paste.
Now, this paste is ready for you to apply this paste on your face and paste it on your face and apply this paste before washing it thoroughly and wash it after 15 to 20 minutes. Wash the paste with clean water. By doing it four times a week, you get rid of the problem of pigmentation.
2. To remove the pigmentation, first of all, two teaspoons of lemon and the equal quantity of honey will be needed, mixing them well and putting them in the mixture and putting them on your face, get rid of the pigmentation of the face.
3. To remove the pigmentation of the face, you will learn to take a little bit of aloe vera juice and take the juice of neem leaves in equal quantity and mix them well and apply it on your face for 10 minutes every day.
4. You have to take a spoon baking soda in order to remove the pigmentation of the face and mix it well with rose water and make a paste. Apply that paste to your face for 10 minutes and after 10 minutes with fresh water Wash your face. if you do this for a few days, then you get rid of the problem of pigmentation.
5. To get rid of the pigmentation, place the pulp of aloe vera in a bowl and mix one teaspoon lemon juice in it and mix both well and apply this paste on your face for 10 minutes every day. And After 10 minutes Wash this paste with fresh water after doing this so you will get rid of the problem of pigmentation.
6. To get rid of the pigmentation, add yogurt, lemon juice and mint juice to the barley flour and mix it for 2-3 minutes on the face. After 5 minutes, wash the face. This will solve the problems of your pigmentation.
7. By making lemon, turmeric and gram flour paste on the face, you will get rid of pigmentation and spot as well.
8. Grind almonds in cream and grind them. Massage it for 5 minutes before sleeping and wash the face in the morning. Almonds, lemon and creamy paste are also helpful in removing the pigmentation.
9. Put apple or papaya pulp in the face for 5 minutes. By mixing it 2-3 times a week, the problem of pigmentation will be solved.
10. To remove the pigmentation, massage the face lightly with the fresh juice of tomatoes daily.
11. To get rid of pigmentation of the face, you can prepare a mask of torn milk, cream, and honey. Put it in the face, neck, hands, and feet. This is an effective way to naturally get rid of dark spots and pigmentation.
12. If you wish, you can apply a spoon of onion juice and a spoonful of garlic juice for 15 minutes on the pigmentation. This mixture works effectively to eliminate pigmentation and to lighten other scars.
13. Household scrubs are also beneficial for getting rid of pigmentation of face, neck, and hands. To make a facial scrub, mix one cup of red and white sandalwood powder, half cup of oatmeal and some milk and rose water together. Scrub three times a week on the spot where the spot is on. Gradually, the dark and pigmentation of the face, throat, and hand will start falling lightly.
14. Raw potato juice is a very beneficial treatment to remove the blackness of the face and to get relief from pigmentation. Peel it to peel it and peel it. After adding some vinegar, glycerine and cucumber juice in the frozen potato paste, after applying about 15 to 20 minutes on the face, wash it with lukewarm water, it removes all the facial scars and pigmentation from the face.
These remedies have proved to be very effective in removing the pigmentation of the face, you are not able to get rid of them only by the pigmentation of your face, but are also getting natural light. After assessing these measures, you can give a new tonic to the face.
15. Prepare a face pack of cream with sour milk and apply it on your face and after 10 minutes wash it. If possible, wash your face with sour milk twice a day 3 times. This is the perfect remedy to remove the pigmentation.
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