The best way to get rid of the snoring problem

The best way to get rid of the snoring problem
The best way to get rid of the snoring problem

What is snoring?

Snoring:- During sleep, part of the back becomes slightly narrower on the throat. In such cases, when oxygen goes from narrow space, nearby tissues are vibration. And the noise that comes from this vibration is called snoring. During the sleep at night, the patient makes such a loud noise that it is difficult to sleep with him.

Symptoms of Snoring

Symptoms of snoring:- Snoring is often associated with sleep disorder, which is called obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). However, it is not necessary that everyone who smells and is an OSA. But if any of the following symptoms appear with snoring, then the doctor should not delay showing because it can indicate the obstructive sleep apnea.
1. Nose sound during sleep
2. More sleep in the day
3. Difficulty paying attention
4. Morning sickness
5. To have a sore throat
6. Restlessness
7. Suffocation at night or Gasp
8. High blood pressure
9. Chest pain (angina) at night
10. Too much voice in a thorn (your partner has trouble sleeping nearby)
11. Suffocation

Causes of snoring

When the way out of the mouth and nostril stops or becomes less then the state of snoring begins to develop. This can be the reason for the decreasing air flow.

Obstruction in the airway of the nose

Some people are during snoring cold days or during infection in the sinus. Due to deformation in the nose such as the wall dividing the nose path into two parts,) or small particles inside the nose can also cause obstruction in the air passage.

muscle weakness

When muscles of the throat and tongue become very calm and stable, their muscles start hanging on the way and the path stops. Usually, it is due to deep sleep, excessive alcohol intake or sleeping pills. Due to the increase in age, muscle dullness is also a common thing.

Heavy tissue in the throat

The size of the tissue in the throat is often due to obesity. Many times the children whose tonsil or adenoids grow up and they start having trouble snoring.
Pelet ya uvula size and softening answer that hangs in the middle of our throat is called uvula tissue. Increasing the size of the uvula or soles increases the way to open from the nose to the throat. In contact with air, there is trembling in uvula which is called snoring.

Diagnosis of Snoring

To fully Diagnosis the problem of Snoring, it is very important to talk to a sleeping person or a member of the house with the victim to get the diagnosis. For the diagnosis, the doctor can also take the information on the illnesses and medicines taken before the sufferer.
The doctor will ask a few things about the patient with the patient's patient - like, when he comes snoring and how comes snoring. So that the severity of time can be estimated. If a child has a problem with snoring, then his parents are tried to ask about the seriousness of his / her best.
In addition, information about their sleeping patterns is taken from patients. It is very important for doctors to know about the symptoms of sleep during the day, the emergence of sleep during the day, or the frequency of waking in the night.

A complete physical examination is also done in which all this is done.

1. The weight of the patient will be assessed
2. Body Mass Index BMI will be calculated
 3. The external thickness of the neck will be measured
 4. Throat nose and the oral cavity will be tested to see how thin and narrow airways are.
Apart from this, your doctor can also ask for some tests

Do not take lightly snoring

Snoring, in which the person breathes and leaves with a nose sound after sleeping and leaves. Do you have a snoring problem? Have you ever gone to the doctor about the problem of snoring? No! Most people treat snoring as a simple process, but snoring may also be part of a slipping disorder. Therefore, there should be measures to avoid snoring.

Remedies to stop snoring

There may be several reasons for snoring, such as allergies, swelling of the nose, the tongue being thick, excessive smoking, alcohol or drug abuse, and more food at night. Let's go about how to avoid snoring.

1. Keep Calm

Those who have a habit of snoring while sleeping at night, should sleep during the night to avoid snoring, keep the mind calm and keep the mind free from external thoughts.

2. Drink plenty of water

Do you know that there is no water scarcity in the body? When there is a shortage of water in the body, the moisture content of the nose is dried. In such a situation, sinus cannot cooperate with wind speed in reaching the breathing system and it becomes difficult to breathe. In this way, the snoring tendency increases. So drink plenty of water all day long to stay away from healthy and snoring

3. Lose Weight

Most obese people are victims of snoring problem. Depending on the accumulation of excess fat cells in the throat, there is a contraction in the throat and the sound of snoring emerges. So if you want to get rid of snoring then take measures to lose weight.

4. Sleep by the way

Sleeping back on the bench is the ideal way, but sleeping in this posture increases the fear of snoring. In order to avoid snoring, if you sleep on the strength of the trick, the fear of snoring will be less.

5. Avoid Smoking

Smokers are more likely to have snoring. Smoking causes trouble in the membrane of the airway, and it stops the passage of air in the nose and throat. So if you have problems with snoring then quit smoking.

6. Avoid sleeping pills

Sleep pills have adverse effects on the muscles. If you use alcohol, sleeping pills or other medicines to sleep, you should stop it. Because it also snoring.

7. Time to sleep

Regularly sleep at the same time. Give your body complete rest when sleeping and while sleeping, keep in mind that there is no emphasis on any organ.

8. Exercise

The way the body exercises, all the muscles are strong. In the same way, muscles of the throat are exercised to reduce snoring.

9. Eat less salt

The excess of salt produces such fluid in the body, which inhibits the nasal cavity and starts snoring. According to researcher Professor Jim Horn, decreasing salt by diet helps in reducing the internal swelling of the throat, which makes it easier to stop snoring.

10. Lift up your head

If you have a snoring problem then you should sleep by sleeping slightly while sleeping. By doing so, the snoring problem can be avoided.

12. Reduce the amount of food

Having more food before sleeping, there is also a problem of snoring. If you are also troubled by this problem, then eat lightly and less before sleeping, as well as staying away from waking up for too long.

13. The surgery

Snoring is treated in the usual way, but if the problem becomes serious, such as difficulty breathing then surgery may also be needed. Below are some of the methods used in this problem
Continuous positive airway pressure
Such a method is often used in the problem of the true tow from Extractive Sleep Map India. CPAP is considered to be the most reliable and effective way to treat Obstructive sleep apnea. Some people feel sleepy due to its noise
Palatal Implants
These processes are also known as Piller column processing. Doctors inject some of the polyesters into the soft palate. In which the palate becomes a bit rigid and does not hang. This reduces the blockage in the way of air and ends the problem of the true tow. The Palatal Implants do not have any side effects, though it is still being investigated in terms of its safety.
Traditional Surgery

This process is also called uvulopalatopharyngoplasty / UPPP. During this surgery, the patient gets fainting medicines. During surgery, doctors trim the throat tissue and tighten them. In this surgery, there are risks of bleeding, infection, pain, and accumulation in the nose.
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