How to identify sweet Adulteration at Diwali

How to identify sweet Adulteration at Diwali
How to identify sweet Adulteration at Diwali 

What is sweet Adulteration?:- You are not buying any adulterated sweets, let's know how to find out that there is adulteration in Diwali sweets or not. Mixing in sweet is called sweet Adulteration in English, sweetening your loved ones on Diwali, giving them gifts and giving to Lakshmi Ganesh Most people buy sweets from the market to indulge themselves. Since the sale of sweets increases on the occasion of Diwali than normal days, shopkeepers make huge amounts of raw materials used in making sweets and dessert in the affair to earn more profits.

Due to eating these sweets, a person can get sick and due to this, his Diwali may also get faint. If you are thinking about buying sweets, milk and hollow from the market on Diwali, then in this article we are going to tell you how to check adulteration in sweets, milk, and other food items.

check adulteration in sweet this way 

Touch silver cover to spot adulterated sweets at Diwali

Sweets are appealing to look attractive and entice customers, so shopkeepers offer silver cover on most sweets. Although some sweet sellers also use aluminum foil on sweets. Before buying these breathtaking desserts on the auspicious occasion of Diwali, check that these sweets are tainted or not. To know the adulteration, touch lightly on your face with silver wrapped sweets. If the cover of silver is in your finger, then it means that the sweetness that you are going to buy is tainted.

Investigation of adulteration in Barfi via iodine

If you have bought Khawei Barfi on the occasion of Diwali, then you should check it before eating it if there is any adulteration in it. The best way to check adulteration in Barfi is to boil the water in a vessel and put a piece of barfi in it and allow Barfi to boil. Cold it a few times and then add a little iodine in it and boil again. If starch is mixed in Barfi, then its color will turn blue and if the barfi is pure then there will be no change in its color.

Diwali sweet recognize from smalling

Different types of sweets are sold in the market on Diwali and most people buy sweets only after watching them. If you want to buy sweets by mixing sweets then smell the dessert before buying. In fact, the shopkeepers sell mostly adulterated and stale desserts. Sweets that are adulterated are smells like a strange odor, and if you wish, you can also test by applying sweets. If the taste of sweet is sour then it is eroded. So first smell sweet and if the sweet and stale smell is coming from the sweet then do not buy it.

Do so on Diwali to check adulteration in ghee

On Diwali, people buy ghee from the market for making sweets, worshiping and other uses. The way in which all food items in the market are adulterated, ghee is also mixed in the same way. To test the adulteration in ghee, heat one spoon of ghee in a pan. If ghee melts fast and its color becomes dark brown, it is pure ghee. But if it takes time to melts the ghee and it becomes yellow, then it means that ghee is adulterated. Also, rub rubbing ghee on the palm, if it melts, then it is pure and does not dissolve then it is adulterated.

Investigate adulteration in milk such as on Diwali

To check the adulteration of milk in milk, place the milk on a smooth surface, if the milk flows while making white stream then the milk is pure, but if there is no mark on the flow of milk then water is added to the milk. In addition, urea or detergent is also mixed in milk. Smell the milk to check it. If these things were mixed in milk then there would be a different kind of smell of milk.

Before buying spices on Diwali, do so, check adulteration.

Most of us can not even imagine that spices can also be adulterated. But in some cities, they also sell and sell in spicy spices. Insert red chili powder in a glass of water to examine the adulteration in red chili powder. If the color of the water turns red, it means that the mixture of red chili powder is adulterated.

What is the loss of health by eating adulterated dessert?

Due to eating adulterated sweets on Diwali, the damage to health can sometimes not be estimated. Even eating a small piece of dessert is very harmful to health. Let us know that eating adulterated desserts leads to loss of health.
  • Saturated fat is mixed in Diwali sweets, which by eating increases the cholesterol of the person, which increases the risk of stroke and heart diseases.
  • Eating silver-covered sweets causes brain and bone disorders and children have kidney problems.
  • If sweets are made by adding more quantity of colors, it can be allergic to eating and there may be several stomach infections. Therefore, avoid eating adulterated sweets on Diwali should be avoided.

How to Buy Pure Sweets on Diwali

Generallywe all know that adulterated food items are sold in markets on Diwali, so it is very important that we buy sweets, chocolates or any other food items after checking them. Let's know how to buy the right canned sweets and chocolate.

  • FSSAI logo is made on packet chocolates, desserts, snacks, and cookies. In particular, before buying the canned items on Diwali, please check this logo.
  • Before buying a box of sweets, it must be sure that dessert or chocolate is made of when and after how bad it is.
  • If you are buying Mawa and raw materials to make sweets at home, then buy such shopkeepers from here who have an FSSAI license.
  • Before buying open sweets from the shop, check that the flies are not sitting on it.
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