24 Surprising Garlic Health Benefits and Side Effects and Garlic Uses

24 Surprising Garlic Health Benefits and Side Effects and Garlic Uses

Garlic is used in all types of food. You can not imagine that a bud of garlic can destroy many diseases that arise inside us. In Ayurveda, garlic is used as medicinal.

Garlic acts as an important natural antibiotic. If you consume one of its buds empty stomach, then it is not less than any nectar for our body. Garlic takes out toxic substances from the body.

24 Surprising Garlic Health Benefits and Side Effects
24 Surprising Garlic Health Benefits and Side Effects

24 Surprising Garlic Health Benefits and Side Effects

1. Beneficial in skin wrinkles 

Clove of garlic and fry them in mustard oil. Now eat them and doing this, the skin starts shining as the wrinkles disappear.

24 Surprising Garlic Health Benefits and Side Effects

2. Beneficial garlic in white stains

By applying garlic juice on white stains, white stains eradicate very quickly.

3. Beneficial Garlic in High BP

The elements of good potassium are found inside garlic, which is very beneficial in controlling high blood pressure. If a person has a high blood pressure problem then that person must use garlic in his diet.

24 Surprising Garlic Health Benefits and Side Effects

4. Beneficial garlic in the immune system

When your immune system is damaged, you should consume garlic and honey because garlic intake keeps the immune system healthy.

24 Surprising Garlic Health Benefits and Side Effects
24 Surprising Garlic Health Benefits and Side Effects

5. Beneficial garlic in cold

By taking a mixture of garlic and honey, it provides relief in cold and also reduces the loss of sinus. This mixture enhances heat in the body so that there is no danger of shredding again.

24 Surprising Garlic Health Benefits and Side Effects

6. Beneficial garlic in heart diseases

In the arteries leading to Garlic and Honey, the frozen fat gets out, so that blood circulation reaches the heart properly and our heart remains healthy.

24 Surprising Garlic Health Benefits and Side Effects
24 Surprising Garlic Health Benefits and Side Effects

7. Beneficial garlic in arthritis disease

Garlic is very beneficial in arthritis because it contains such enzymes which increase the density of bones, due to which the joints are cured in the problem of pain. And there is less sense of pain.

8. Beneficial garlic to increase disease resistance

In garlic, vitamin B6, c and manganese, selenium is found in abundance, it also increases the immunity of disease in our body as well as increase the absorption of minerals in our body.

9. Beneficial garlic in digestive power

By applying garlic, digestion increases as garlic regulate the stomach functions and increase digestion power. Garlic helps to remove the toxic system from the body, along with it also prevents liver damage.

24 Surprising Garlic Health Benefits and Side Effects

10. Beneficial garlic in allergy

Some properties are found in garlic such as antiviral, anti-inflammatory, which protect the body from various types of allergens, people who have allergic reactions, they should eat garlic.

11. Beneficial garlic oil in neck pain

Mix garlic oil in mustard oil and then restate this oil on your neck comfortably, ie secretion, it brings benefits in neck pain very quickly.

12. Garlic in diarrhea

Garlic is very effective in the treatment of nerves related to the nerves, but only when it is eaten empty stomach.

13. Appetizing garlic

The consumption of garlic stimulates the digestive process and also increases appetite and prevents acid from forming.

14. Garlic makes the respiratory system stronger

Garlic is very beneficial for the respiratory system: It is very effective in the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis (asthma), asthma, pneumonia, fever, bronchitis, chronic cold, lung congestion, and cough.

15. Beneficial garlic juice in the problem of hair

To prevent hair loss, apply the garlic rash in the hair, then dry your hair at least twice daily and apply for at least 3 months, it stops hair loss.

24 Surprising Garlic Health Benefits and Side Effects
24 Surprising Garlic Health Benefits and Side Effects

16. Beneficial garlic in lung disease

When the lungs of the person become impaired, the person complains of phlegm when we begin consuming lemons, then the fall of the phlegm decreases, if you have any disease with the lungs, then eat garlic after eating.

24 Surprising Garlic Health Benefits and Side Effects

17. Beneficial in fever

Grind 4 to 5 garlic clove by mixing them with a little water and make a nipple and then repeat the patient repeatedly, doing this fever can get relief very quickly.

18. Beneficial in cholera disease

When a person is diagnosed with cholera, then the cholera bites in his body, so that the garlic clotted around you should be kept as the germs of garlic do not come near and you can consume it in the liver.

19. Beneficial in nightfall

Before sleeping in the problem of nightfall, wash hands, mouth well and rinse it, then take a garlic clove and chew it, doing this brings great benefits to the disease.

20. Beneficial garlic in toothache

Anti-bacterial and analgesic properties are found in garlic whenever there is a pain in the teeth or in the gums, apply garlic oil or make a paste of raw garlic so that the pain of the tooth disappears soon.

24 Surprising Garlic Health Benefits and Side Effects

21. Beneficial garlic juice in diabetes

2-3 garlic clove is taken out of the rabbit with the intake of the vine of the leaves of the bell, this reduces the sugar level.

24 Surprising Garlic Health Benefits and Side Effects

22. Beneficial in herpes

If a child who has a baby or a baby drink, then burn the garlic and add ashes to honey and apply it on herpes gives a lot of benefits.

23. Beneficial in pulse pain

Make the pulse of wading and garlic, then heat it and then consume it. By doing so, the pain of Nadi ends very quickly.

24. Garlic Increase semen deficiency

If you do not eat garlic clove on a wet night, you can take garlic juice and take it with honey. By doing so, the lack of semen is fulfilled and impotence is also removed.

How to eat garlic

Many people use garlic paste, powdered and non-peeling garlic in the food. Whenever you make any vegetable, garlic is also used in it, but apart from this, you can use it in other ways like eating chutney with garlic, which is made of garlic, take this chutney in the food. Can.

The bread tastes and then put butter, on this, you can add garlic powder, which makes it tastier. In India, garlic is also used in ethics and used it for long periods of time.

Side Effects of Garlic

If you have any kind of allergy to garlic then keep in mind two important things: Never eat it raw and if you have any problems related to skin, fever or headache, leave it for consumption.

1. The disease may be

You may have to deal with the problems of flatulence, gas, breath odor, etc. due to excess intake of garlic.

2. Dilution of blood

The excessive intake of it also dilutes the blood, so take it with the advice of Dr.

3. Body pain

More intake of this can also cause pain in the body. Therefore, only eat it in sufficient quantity.

4. Digestion problem

5. Digestive problems can also occur and nausea may vomit upside down.

6. In  Periods Time

Increasing blood flow by eating more garlic at the time of Periods.

7. Block HIV medicines

Garlic also blocks some of the HIV medicines, so before contacting Garlic, contact Dr.

24 Surprising Garlic Health Benefits and Side Effects

8. Body Dryness

Due to the warmth of garlic, it should be taken in a proper proportion.

9. Skin damage

The use of garlic paste on the skin of the garlic can harm the skin.

10. Heart attack

After taking more raw garlic, a healthy person is likely to have a heart attack.

11. For children

If children are consuming more garlic, then it is unsafe for their mouth. It can prove to be dangerous and deadly for them.

Medicinal properties of garlic

Garlic has an antibiotic called Elium, which protects us from many diseases. When we eat it empty stomach, its properties increase and diarrhea is cured by eating an empty stomach. Eelin sulfide is found in garlic, which is a disinfectant antiseptic substance to prevent decay.

Also, properties are found in those that are such as antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, and anti-oxidant, etc. The names of the mineral and compounds found in it are sulfur, a license, selenium, Alicene phosphorus, iron bean, vitamin A and Eileen.
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