15 home remedies to remove stretch marks permanently.

15 home remedies to remove stretch marks permanently.

Do you think ten times before wearing a crop top? Are you a little more conscious after wearing a sari that your waist stretch marks do not cause embarrassment? If so, this article is for you. Stretch marks sometimes prohibit wearing certain types of clothes, but you need not panic. In this article, know the most accurate home remedies to remove stretch marks, after knowing that, you will see your stretch marks are getting less than before.

15 home remedies to remove stretch marks permanently.
15 home remedies to remove stretch marks permanently.

What is Stretch marks

When the skin begins to stretch with age, fine lines from below the topmost layer of the skin. It is usually seen in the stomach, waist, thigh, breast, and armpits, but there is no pain nor is it a disease, so there is nothing to worry about it. In the beginning, stretch marks on the body are red or pink. Over time there is a thin line on the surface of the skin, which gives rise to stretch marks, but these scars look very bad. Because of this, you may have to think ten times before wearing sleeveless or short clothes.

Stretch marks, ie stretch marks on the skin, are more commonly seen during and after pregnancy, but not necessarily in pregnancy. Sometimes it can happen due to weight gain and it can happen not only to women but also to men.

Reason for Stretch marks

The following are some of the stretch marks.

  • growing old
  • Pregnancy
  • obesity
  • In youth

Excessive use of cortisone skin creams. It is a type of steroid-containing cream used for itching and inflammation.

Now, it is the turn of the article on which the entire article is based, that is, domestic measures to remove the stretch marks.

Home remedy to reduce stretch marks

Below, we are giving you information about the home remedy to remove stretch marks, but remember that it is not necessary that the stretch marks disappear completely. Yes, scars can be mild.

1. Aloe vera For Strech Marks

How to remove stretch marks, the first answer to this question will be found in the form of aloe vera. Stretch marks and itching can be reduced to a great extent by using aloe vera-containing creams. At the same time, direct use of aloe vera jelly can prove effective for stretch marks, as aloe vera is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

15 home remedies to remove stretch marks permanently.

2. Castor oil

It not only moisturizes the skin but also brings the glow to the skin. With its regular use, many types of stains also become lighter and stretch marks are one of them. For its better results, its daily use is necessary.

3. Almond oil

Almond oil enhances the complexion of the skin and makes the skin young. Not only this, but it also has the properties of moisturizing the skin. In such a situation, almond oil can be very effective for stretch marks.
15 home remedies to remove stretch marks permanently.

There can be two opinions about the benefits of almond oil, because bitter almond oil is effective on someone, while someone sweet. For example, if you massage with sweet almond oil for 10 to 15 minutes during pregnancy, stretch marks can be reduced. If you want to use almond oil, then consult your doctor once which can be useful for you.

4. Vitamin E for stretch marks

Vitamin-E for the skin is commonly used in creams and lotions. Vitamin-E can help remove skin spots and reduce the effects of aging on the skin. Seeing the benefits of Vitamin-E for the skin, it is also being used in stretch marks removal cream, which softens the skin and lightens the stains.

5. Vicks vaporub

Vicks Vaporb is made from many essential oils, which help to moisturize and soften the skin. Although no scientific evidence is available to support this measure, many women have used this remedy, finding differences in stretch marks. This measure is based on people's personal experience.

6. Lemon

Lemon juice is one of the easiest ways to reduce stretch marks. It contains Vitamin C, which works to reduce stretch marks. Also, Vitamin C also helps in keeping the skin healthy.

15 home remedies to remove stretch marks permanently.
15 home remedies to remove stretch marks permanently.

7. Shea Butter

Shea butter not only moisturizes the skin, but it is also used in many types of creams. It is also used in many stretch marks creams. You can apply it directly to your stretch marks. However, there is no concrete scientific evidence of how effective this stretch is on Marks.

15 home remedies to remove stretch marks permanently.

8. Jojoba oil for stretch marks

Jojoba oil has anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties. As soon as the stretch marks begin to emerge, you start applying it. Using this can prevent your stretch marks from growing. Also, it can work to keep your skin healthy.

9. Grapefruit

Grapefruit essential oil can help to make your skin healthy as well as lighten your stretch marks.

15 home remedies to remove stretch marks permanently.
15 home remedies to remove stretch marks permanently.

10. Baby oil

Baby oil can be applied not only to children but also to grown children. It contains important nutrients, which nourish the skin as well as make it soft and soft. Many people also use it to lighten stretch marks. However, there is no scientific evidence of whether the stretch marks are completely eliminated.

Not everyone has the same skin, so it depends on each person. You can use it for your experience if you want. Baby oil is very gentle, so it will not damage your skin but will make the skin soft.

11. Organ oil for stretch marks

Argan oil is extensively used in cosmetic products. It has antioxidant properties and is rich in vitamin-E. It nourishes and makes the skin healthy. How to remove stretch marks, if this question comes to your mind, then argan oil can be the right answer. If this oil is used at the beginning of stretch marks, then its good effect can be seen on the stretch marks.

12. Rosehip oil

Rosehip oil has been used in many creams and cosmetic products. One of them is Stretch Marks Cream. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties not only helps in healing wounds but also works to repair the skin.

13. Glycolic acid

It is easily available in medical stores. It increases the collagen in your skin, which makes the skin more elastic and healthy. This can be helpful in reducing stretch marks.

Note: Do not leave in the sun after applying it, as it can cause sunburn. Use it after the advice of a pregnant doctor.

14. Rosewater for stretch marks

Rosewater ie rose water is used in many places, even in food. Rosewater is not only known for its fragrance, but it also helps in keeping the eyes and skin healthy. Talking about home remedies to remove stretch marks, rose water can also be beneficial. Stretch marks can also be lightened by its frequent use.

15. Potato

Potatoes can be beneficial not only in food but also for the skin. Potatoes have bleaching properties, which enhance skin tone. In such a situation, it can be beneficial for stretch marks, but there is no scientific proof for it yet.

Note: Keep in mind that always apply essential oil mixed with a carrier oil. Applying it directly to the skin can cause allergic reactions on the skin, especially those whose skin is sensitive.

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