35 Benefits of Jamun and best medicinal properties.

35 Benefits of Jamun and best medicinal properties.

Jamun is a common fruit, which is grown in abundance all over India. It has two varieties. Large Jamun is egg-like in shape and is also called 'Suva Jamun'. Small Jamun is round in shape and is commonly called 'sour Jamun'. Larger Jamun is sweeter than smaller Jamun. The ripe fruit is black from outside and purple from inside. Its pulp is sour-sweet and the seeds are green-yellow. The flavor of the Jamun is cold and has many exotic varieties of the country. But everyone's religion, qualities are the same. The English name of this fruit is Java Plum and Jamun. Jamun-fruit increases appetite and digests food, dirt comes out from the body. Its sourness and acidic properties remove blood-defects.

35 Benefits of Jamun and best medicinal properties.
35 Benefits of Jamun and best medicinal properties.

Jamun contains many types of minerals, such as calcium, iron and vitamin C. Because of this it is not only beneficial for bones but also increases the body's resistance. For those who have anemia, the consumption of Jamun is like that of the Sanjeevani herb. It has high potassium content. The body gets 55 mg of potassium by consuming 100 grams of Jamun-fruit. Potassium mineral reduces the risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, and stroke, etc. It's not only the fruits, but also the leaves have many advantages. In Ayurveda, its leaves are used extensively for digestion and for problems related to the mouth.

Drinking vinegar of raw fruits of Jamun cures stomach diseases. If the appetite seems low and if there is a complaint of constipation, then mix equal quantity of vinegar with fresh water and take it regularly in the morning and night for a week, it breaks constipation and increases appetite. Its taste is sour-sweet as well as extremely beneficial for health.

35 Benefits of Jamun and best medicinal properties.

1. Memory-enhancer - Memory capacity is weakened by decreasing the capacity of brain cells. Jamun contains antioxidants, especially phlebotomies, which help to maintain a memory.

2. Applying Jamun leaves daily on white stains of fire is cured.

3. Facial acne disappears by eating Jamun. Grind its kernels by adding water, grinding it and applying it on the face and washing it after half an hour will get rid of pimples.

35 Benefits of Jamun and best medicinal properties.

4. Taking about 15 grams of powder of Jamun powder and sugar candy with milk in the morning every morning removes all types of weakness.

5. Diabetes patients should eat 150 grams of Jamun every day. The amount of glucose in the blood can be controlled by its regular intake.

35 Benefits of Jamun and best medicinal properties.

6. In homeopathy, the juice of Jamun is used in the name of mother tincture of cesium gambolinum for diabetes. Taking one spoon powder of its kernels thrice a day with water twice a day cures sugars. With this, take three grams of mango kernels powder with water.

7. Jamun kernels are a panacea for diabetes. Take only the quantity of kernel powder, it is harmful to take in large amounts.

8. Eat Jamun after eating food. And do not drink milk until two hours before and after its consumption. Drink milk only after two hours.

9. Blackberry contains iron which is a very important element for blood.

10. Its use is also beneficial in heart diseases.

35 Benefits of Jamun and best medicinal properties.
35 Benefits of Jamun and best medicinal properties.

11. If there are blisters, burns, and wounds on the body, then grind its kernels in water and apply it twice daily, these wounds heal.

12. Put 200 grams of Jamun in a glass of boiling water and boil for some time. Then take it off and let it cool down. Powder them in this water, filter and mix one spoon of honey and drink it thrice daily. It provides benefits in leanness and diabetes in the body.

13. Dry Jamun in sunlight and grind them. Taking three spoons of this powder with water thrice daily is also beneficial in diabetes.

14. Blackberry is beneficial in stomach diseases. In the condition of stomach pain, diarrhea, rock salt should be mixed with its juice.

15. In the case of indigestion, add salt on 100 grams Jamun and eat it every day. Drink a spoonful of blackberry vinegar in a cup of water and drink it thrice daily. By this, almost all the common diseases of the stomach are cured. Appetite feels good.

16. Drink a cup of water mixed with a teaspoon of Jamun vinegar, a little black salt, if you have stomach pain.

17. Taking ten grams of the juice of soft leaves of Jamun mixed with a little honey three times a day is very beneficial in frequent diarrhea. Diarrhea also stops by drinking only its juice.

18. Caution - It is not good to eat Jamun on an empty stomach. Taking it after meals is beneficial. Eating it in excess is harmful.

19. If you have pimples, pimples, eat two hundred grams of Jamun every day. Grind kernels in milk and apply.

20. Teeth diseases - If you have pain in your teeth, blood comes out, teeth move, gums swell, then boil new soft, raw leaves of 50 grams Jamun and boil quarter teaspoon ground black pepper in two glasses of water, filter it twice daily. Do it Grind its bark finely and brush it every day.
Mouth Ulcers - Grind 40 soft leaves of Jamun and dissolve it in a glass of water, filter, and gargle, mouth ulcers will be cured very quickly. Ulcers are cured by eating this too. Putting vinegar in water can also make a gargle.
35 Benefits of Jamun and best medicinal properties.
35 Benefits of Jamun and best medicinal properties.

21. Drinking juice of Jamun relieves fatigue and leads to freshness.

22. The vinegar of Jamun is beautifying. Drinking this regularly increases the beauty of women, men, and children. Drink a cup of water mixed with a spoon of vinegar.

23. Vinegar is sour in taste. Therefore, to make the vinegar drinkable, add water as required. It increases appetite and cures chronic stomach diseases. Weakness is removed. Its vinegar is also found in the market.

24. Method of extracting the juice of Jamun - After keeping the Jamun lying in water for two hours, remove the juice from the kernels.

25. In case of vomiting, if the vomiting is coming, then making a syrup of Jamun in which sugar is added, giving it is beneficial.

26. In the disease of liver or spleen, filter the juice of the Jamun with a cloth, add one-sixth of the rock salt to it and fill it in a bottle and keep it for seven days. Then, taking 5 to 10 grams once a day in the morning cures enlarged liver and spleen.

27. Consumption of Jamun is also very beneficial in jaundice disease. Jaundice is relieved by taking honey mixed with its fresh fruit juice.

28. Sprue- In this disease, take 10 grams of the bark or Jamun, decoction in 100 grams of water and filter it for 25 grams and give it to drink. Thus, it should be given twice a day. It has the power to bind diarrhea and is very beneficial due to good digestion.

29. Those who feel more thirsty and desire to drink water again and again. In such a problem, eating Jamun is beneficial.

30. Cough and breath - People who have complaints of phlegm always persist and due to which cough and respiratory disease occur, it is very beneficial to take the decoction of the bark of bark of bark at both times.

35 Benefits of Jamun and best medicinal properties.

31. Method of preparation of Jamun juice - After taking one and a half grams of Jamun juice, add one kilogram of sugar and filter it after syrup-like syrup. This syrup should be used to remove tiredness of the body and in the disease of anorexia. This syrup is especially beneficial in the case of vomiting or bleeding in children. It is also beneficial in indigestion disease.

32. If rock salt is consumed by mixing rock salt in the juice of fresh ripe fruit Jamun, it can get rid of stone disease.

33. When kidney stone is consumed with water, along with its fresh leaves, ie, spices, grind it with water and after making the sauce, after mixing black pepper powder in it, the stone comes out.

35 Benefits of Jamun and best medicinal properties.

34. For liver diseases and blood disorders, taking honey mixed with fresh fruit juice of Jamun provides relief.

35 Benefits of Jamun and best medicinal properties.
35 Benefits of Jamun and best medicinal properties.

35. By taking its juice regularly, the hair remains black for long life.

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