24 essential tips for lip care

24 essential tips for lip care

Lips Care is very important because the lip is not just the upper part of the body, but it is the inner covering. The pink part of the lip is the mucosa, which causes the lips to appear pink. The upper part (skin) of the lips does not have sensory glands like the skin of the body. There is also no oil or fat-producing sebaceous gland in the lips. Lips have great importance in the beauty of the face.

24 essential tips for lip care
24 essential tips for lip care

Another function of the lips is to prevent any unwanted substances from entering the mouth while breathing through the mouth. Lips can detect the temperature of an object very well. The temperature at which the body is receptive to the body, the lips accept it, otherwise, reject it. Natural beauty lips add beauty to the face of the woman. Those whose lips are as delicate, soft, beautiful, their face looks as blossomed and blossomed. Poets have compared lips to rose petals. Inattention and carelessness towards lips destroy the beauty of lips. For the care of lips, we must take special caution and caution.

24 essential tips for lip care

1. Never mix two to three types of lipstick and apply it on the lips. Doing this can spoil the beauty of the lips.

24 essential tips for lip care
24 essential tips for lip care

2. Do not rub the lipstick vigorously to take care of the lips. By doing this, the skin of lips gets peeled and the size of lips gets deteriorated.

3. Applying very hot tea, coffee, cups of milk, glass, etc., spoils the beauty and softness of lips. So drink tea coffee only when there is a proper temperature for taking care of lips.

4. Apply petroleum jelly at night (Petroleum Jelly). After applying the jelly on the lips, massage it gently with your finger, then keep both the lips glued to each other for about twenty to twenty-five seconds, by doing this the jelly will spread evenly on both the lips.

5. For the care of lips, drink plenty of water so that there is no dryness in your lips and skin.

6. Do not drink water mixed with chlorine, it can freeze white on the lips.

7. Keep your diet balanced and vitamin-rich, such as green vegetables, milk, tomatoes, apples, etc. Beauty and shine come from inside the body. If your health is good, then you will not need too much makeup or adornment.

8. For the care of the lips, it is very important to have a smooth flow of blood in the lips, for this you must massage the lips regularly.

9. The skin of lips is also affected by rolling the tongue repeatedly on the lips, which spoils the beauty of lips.

10. Sucking or lick the lips also destroys the beauty of lips. By doing this, the size of the lips deteriorates.

11. Getting angry and biting your lips between the teeth worsens the attraction of lips.

12. Putting things like pins, clips, pens, pencils, etc. in the mouth and sitting, affects the soft skin of the lips.

13. Lips lose their natural beauty and softness by smoking.

14. The habit of chewing nails with teeth causes damage to the lips.

15. Applying lipstick on lips for a long time also destroys the natural beauty of the lips.

16. In winter, dry air soon causes lips to crack, so jelly should be used regularly.

17. If possible, do not scrape the frozen crust on dry lips.

18. Always buy lipstick from a good company. When buying lipstick, draw a slight line on the hand. Delete the line If the scar is erased, it is of good company.

19. To clean lipstick, apply a little Cleansing Milk in cotton and clean the lips slowly. Then mix lemon juice in a little milk cream and lightly massage the lips.

20. Sleeping with lipstick on the lips at night quickly destroys the beauty of lips.

21. Lips are affected by brushing teeth with bent bristles bush.

22. Do not use lipstick or lipstick bush used by others. Due to this, there is a fear of infection of breathing, throat, skin, mouth, and lips.

23. Do not kiss wherever you come in passion or happiness. This causes the possibility of infection on the lips.

24. Buy any cosmetic or beauty-cosmetics of good quality and tried only, it is very important for the care of lips. Either you should use natural beauty ingredients prepared from household items, which we will keep on telling from time to time. Remember that all the makeup products available in the market these days are only for a few hundred years, but women have been using beauty products for thousands of years. That is, earlier all beauty products were available which were made from fruits, vegetables, and other natural items, which do not have any bad side effects.

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