What is Corona virus, what are its symptoms?

What is Coronavirus, what are its symptoms?

The death toll from the coronavirus in China has crossed 259. So far, about 11800 cases of infection have been reported in 22 countries. The World Health Organization has already declared it an emergency. So far, two cases have also been reported in India.

What is Corona virus, what are its symptoms?
What is Corona virus, what are its symptoms?

Preventing it from spreading has become a major challenge for health officials. However, China is doing everything possible to stop it. After continuous cases of coronavirus across the world, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the coronavirus an international emergency.

Several cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in 22 countries outside China. These countries include Thailand, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, Malaysia, the USA, France, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates.

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1. What is coronavirus? 

Coronavirus (COV) belongs to a family of viruses whose infection can cause problems ranging from a cold to breathlessness. This virus has never been seen before. The virus infection started in December in Wuhan, China. According to WHO, fever, cough, shortness of breath is its symptoms. So far no vaccine has been made to stop the virus from spreading.

What is Corona virus, what are its symptoms?
What is Corona virus, what are its symptoms?

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2. What are the symptoms of Coronavirus disease?

Due to its infection, problems like fever, cold, shortness of breath, runny nose and sore throat arise. This virus spreads from person to person. Therefore, great care is being taken about this. The virus first caught in China in December. It is expected to reach other countries.

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3. What are the preventive measures?

The Ministry of Health has issued guidelines to prevent coronavirus. According to them, hands should be washed with soap. Alcohol-based hand rub can also be used. Keep your nose and mouth covered with handkerchief or tissue paper while coughing and peeling. Keep distance from people who have cold and flu symptoms. Avoid the intake of eggs and meat. Avoid contact with wild animals.

Due to this virus in China, the number of tourists can decrease. This will directly affect China's economy. China's economy is already in a state of lethargy.

Many countries have asked their citizens not to go to Wuhan affected Corona. Many countries have also banned people coming from Wuhan. Russia has also closed its eastern border with China.

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About 18 years ago there was a similar threat from the SARS virus. In 2002-03, more than 700 people died due to SARS all over the world. Thousands of people across the world were infected by it. It also had an impact on economic activities.

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