5 of the most common mistakes people make in the gym. Learn what is the right way

5 of the most common mistakes people make in the gym. Learn what is the right way

Many people have been doing gym for years and there are many who have been in the gym for a while only after starting the workout.

Now in such a situation, have you asked yourself that is the right way to do the workouts you have been doing for so many years? Do you do every exercise correctly?

5 of the most common mistakes people make in the gym. Learn what is the right way
5 of the most common mistakes people make in the gym. Learn what is the right way

So the answer is no. Because there are very few people who do exercises correctly. But this does not mean that their method is wrong. They are just following what a local gym trainer told them, that method can be wrong.

If you practice incorrectly for a long time, you may also get hurt. Therefore you need to know what mistake you are making while doing the workout.

So today I will tell you about some of the mistakes that most people make during their workouts.

1. Starting Without Warmup

I have seen many people in my gym start exercising as soon as they come to the gym. I can understand their eagerness but not warming up before a workout means inviting injury.

Increasing the heart rate by doing workouts without warming up, pumping muscles is very dangerous. Warming up increases the body temperature and heartbeat gradually, not suddenly. Which is right for the body.

Warm-up 10-15 minutes before the workout so that your body/muscles get into active mode from Relax mode.

2. Wrong Bench Press

Most people do bench press exercises incorrectly. If you bench press incorrectly for a long time, the shoulder may also suffer injury.

There are many people who take the shoulder to the bottom while doing this exercise. This causes the load to come on the shoulder by dividing the chest and increasing the chances of injury.

To avoid this, first, ask an expert about its correct position and if possible practice before dumbbell and then bench press with barbell.

This will keep your position correct, will not put too much load on the shoulder and will be able to target the chest muscles more.

3. Raising heels during squat

This is a common mistake, it used to happen to me in the beginning. When the reps become more, in some of the last raps, we lift the heel of our feet above the floor.

By doing this, the knees are bent forward which can cause stress, swelling, and pain. Therefore, lift the weight according to the capacity, keep the feet on the floor and avoid making such mistakes.

4. Lifting too much weight

Lifting weight beyond one's capacity can be dangerous for anyone. In the gym, it is seen that many people try to lift heavy weight due to competition from each other, which can cause injury to them.

This happens most often with beginners. They try to lift more weight by looking at long-time gym members who can lift heavy weights and get injured.

So always remember that if it is not your habit to lift the heavyweight then it can be very dangerous for you. To increase the weight slightly and reach the heavyweight, not at once.

5. Do more cardio

Cardio is beneficial for the heart and lungs. But avoid overdoing it. Cardio reduces blood pressure and cholesterol, increases energy, reduces stress and depression, reduces weight, etc.

Our heart pumps 60-80 times a minute. This figure reaches 100–130 during cardio. This cardiovascular condition burns very fast calories and reduces weight.

Many people do cardio for hours to lose weight, which can be wrong. Because doing more cardio can increase your heart rate excessively and the body will take out a lot of liquid (sweating), which can be dangerous.

At the same time, it will reduce your weight but the skin will also become loose, which is the wrong way to lose weight.

The American Heart Association can perform at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity for a healthy heart at least 5 days a week.

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