Best Exercise to Make 6 Pack Abs, fitness trainer told the right way

Best Exercise to Make 6 Pack Abs, fitness trainer told the right way

In today's time, everyone wants a flat tummy. For this, they adopt dieting, workouts, surgeries, and other methods.

Some people use easy methods to get 6/8 pack abs, some quite difficult. Some of them get results, but there are many people who make some mistakes while making abs or flat tummy, due to which their abs are not able to be made.
Best Exercise to Make 6 Pack Abs, fitness trainer told the right way
Best Exercise to Make 6 Pack Abs, fitness trainer told the right way

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Many people asked me what exercises they should do for making abs. For this, I talked to fitness coach Sumit Hooda. He told me that to get abs, you have to take great care of your overall diet and nutrition.

As the overall fat percentage of your body will decrease, your fat will decrease and your abs will start showing. Even if your fat percentage is around 10, your abs start appearing.

For this, you will also have to do an abs workout. If you want, you can do abs workouts except for one day or 2-3 days a week.

So let's know about those abs workouts mentioned by fitness coach Sumit, which can help you get a flat tummy and 6/8 pack abs.

1. Leg Rage

In leg rage exercise, the legs are raised upward with the help of abs or abdomen and then back to the previous position.

This is a good exercise for abs. You can do this in 3 ways: 30, 60 and 90 degrees.

By raising the leg at 30 degrees, lower abs, upper abs at 60 degrees and a full range of motion at 90 degrees create tension on your core muscles. You can do this with both feet simultaneously or with the alternating legs.

To do this, you have to lie directly on the mat and then raise your legs on the angle according to your trainer and then bring it down while keeping your claws straight. Keep in mind that during this time your feet should not touch the floor.

For this exercise, you do 3/4 sets of 20-20 rounds.

2. Plank Exercise

Plank is considered by far the best exercise of all abs workouts. The body needs very little movement to do this and can do it anywhere. But for this, it is necessary that you hold that position for as long as possible.

This puts a load on the muscles like your core, back, legs, hands, etc. and creates tension on them. By doing this exercise, your stomach fat can be reduced to a great extent.

3. Seated Knee Tuck

Exercising Seated knee Tuck creates a very good tension on your core muscles. This can be done on the floor or bench. To do this, you put your hands backward as shown in the video and support the floor or bench with your fingers.

Now try to touch the knees with your chest by bending back slightly and bending your legs, and after holding for half a second, come back to the previous position.

This will be called around. Similarly, you set 3/4 of 20-20 rounds.

4. Arms High Partial Situps

This creates a lot of tension on your upper abs and core muscles. To perform arms high partial situps, lie on your back and fold the knees at 90 degrees. Now raise your hands directly upwards and they should remain the same during exercise.

Now you have to sit half as much as you can with your hands up and then go down on the floor. Keep in mind that your body balance and your knees can touch the chest. Return to your initial position and repeat it again.

5. Russian Twist

Russian Twist exercises create tension on abs as well as core muscles and obliques (sides). To do this, you have to make V shape by bending the knees as shown in the video. That is, your body should balance only on your hips.

Then after that twist your upper body on both sides. By doing this, your abs will feel stretched and the fat will burn there.

You can do 3 or 4 sets of 20-20 rounds of this exercise.
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