Major causes of Heart Attack at Age 45

Major causes of Heart Attack at Age 45

In our body, blood, arteries, oxygen, nutrients, etc. are carried through the blood. Cholesterol freezing in these coronary arteries causes obstruction of blood flow.

Then there is an obstruction of blood circulation to the heart. Due to which blood coagulates as a clot. Additionally, coronary artery rupture due to increased blood pressure due to high stress. Which can also cause a heart attack.

In general, a heart attack is more likely to occur after 45 years. But today, due to the chaotic routine, heart attack disease is also found in young people.

Major causes of Heart Attack at Age 45
Major causes of Heart Attack at Age 45

Causes of a heart attack

● Nowadays, it is common for youth to eat drugs. Due to this, heart attack disease is also found in young people. Actually, excessive intake of smoking causes a blockage in the blood arteries. This causes heart attack disease.

● Drinking alcohol has become a fashion among the youth, due to high alcohol consumption, blood pressure increases. Due to which blood arteries rupture. Due to which cholesterol spreads in the blood. Which inhibits blood flow. Due to which one has to face a heart attack.

● Consumption of cocaine, smack, etc. causes cramps in the blood arteries. This causes obstruction of blood flow to arteries. Which also causes heart attack problems.

● Today there is an increased migration from village to city in the race to earn money. Due to which the daily routine is disturbed, the trend of junk food has increased. Being alone in another city away from home, there is a problem of increasing cholesterol in youth due to eating fried food and junk food. Whichever heart attack is started at a young age.

High blood pressure disease is becoming common among the youth due to busy routines and stress of workload. Due to which the disease of heart attack is also found in the youth. Apart from this, there is no time for physical exercise among the youth who have been entertained with computers and mobiles throughout the day. Due to which high blood pressure, cholesterol increase is found in young people. The result of this is to suffer as a heart attack disease.

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