Amazing 25 Zinc Foods, Strengthen Your Immune System

Amazing 25 Zinc Foods, Strengthen Your Immune System

Zinc may be a trace mineral but it's found in cells throughout the body. Zinc is necessary for the body's immune system to function optimally. Apart from this it also helps you to use the senses of smell and taste.
Amazing 25 Zinc Foods, Strengthen Your Immune System
Amazing 25 Zinc Foods, Strengthen Your Immune System

Zinc helps within the production of about 100 sorts of enzymes in our body. It acts as an antioxidant and helps prevent cancer and neutralize the effect of free radicals.

It also stimulates the production of blood in the body. Zinc promotes the synthesis of collagen, an essential element for wound healing.

Zinc is very important during pregnancy and childhood. The body needs zinc to grow well.

Sources of zinc

Let us tell you about high zinc content.

1. Oyster

Serving Size: 50 grams
Zinc: 8.3 mg
DV%: 55

In addition to zinc, protein is also found in oysters. Their best quality is that they increase the amount of protein in the body without increasing the amount of fat. It is also a high source of Vitamin C. One serving contains 15% of our daily requirement of vitamin C. Vitamin C increases our immunity and protein is necessary to increase muscle strength.

How to eat

You can roast them with herbs. Raw oysters are also highly beneficial, especially when taken with horseradish. But keep in mind the place when taking them as they often cause food poisoning.

2. Sesame seeds

Serving Size: 100 grams
Zinc: 7.8 mg
DV%: 52
Sesame seeds are a great source of phytosterols, which help reduce cholesterol. Sesame seeds contain another compound, called sesamin. It helps balance hormones and promotes overall health. Protein is also high in its seeds.

How to eat

You can use sesame butter instead of peanut butter. These seeds can also be taken with salmon and chicken.

3. Linseed seeds

Serving Size: 168 grams
Zinc: 7.3 mg
DV%: 49
Linseed seeds are extremely rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These are nutrients that improve heart and brain health. Along with this, they also have many other benefits. Its seeds also are helpful within the treatment of arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease.
How to eat

You can add flaxseed seeds to your smoothie or salad. You can also add these seeds to cooked vegetables.

4. Pumpkin Seeds

Serving Size: 64 grams
Zinc: 6.6 mg
DV%: 44
Pumpkin seeds are rich in phytoestrogens that improve cholesterol levels in women after menopause. The seeds are also rich in antioxidants that improve your health.

How to eat

You can eat it by putting it in the night salad. You will also get better sleep.

5. Oats

Serving Size: 156 grams
Zinc: 6.2 mg
DV%: 41
Oats are considered a favorite for breakfast. Its most nutritious element is beta gluten which is a powerful soluble fiber. This fiber regulates the level of cholesterol in the body and helps in the growth of good bacteria in the stomach. It controls the amount of sugar in the body and is beneficial for people with diabetes.

How to eat

You can increase the amount of zinc in your body by taking oats for breakfast.

6. Cocoa Powder

Serving Size: 86 grams
Zinc: 5.9 mg
DV%: 39
Zinc present in cocoa powder increases immunity. Flavonoids present in it also enhance immunity.

How to eat

You can add it to your favorite salad. You can also put it in gravy, protein shake and hot serial.

7. Swiss Cheese

Serving Size: 132 grams
Zinc: 5.8 mg
DV%: 38
Cheese is taken into account as an upscale source of calcium and calcium is important for strong bones. And since it's an animal source, Swiss cheese is taken into account an entire protein. It contains all the amino acids required by your body to make protein.

How to eat

You can add a slice of Swiss cheese to your salad or soup. You can also add chopped cheese to your salad or fried eggs.

8. Egg yolk

Serving Size: 243 grams
Zinc: 5.6 mg
DV%: 37
Egg yolk is also full of other nutrients. In addition to vitamins A, D, E and K, omega 3 fatty acids are also found. Egg yolk contains antioxidant compounds such as lutein and zeaxanthin which improve vision health.

How to eat

You can eat them raw. The boiled egg is also an appropriate choice. You can chop and eat it or make slices.

9. Lima Beans

Serving Size: 178 grams
Zinc: 5 mg
DV%: 34
In addition to zinc, folate is also found in lima beans, a nutrient required for DNA synthesis and cell division.

It is also rich in vitamins B1 and B6. The fiber present in it does not allow stomach infections and provides protection from cancer. It promotes satiety and can ultimately aid in healthy weight loss.

How to eat

You can add dried lima beans to your soup. The combination of bacon and eggs with lima beans is amazing.

10. kidney beans

Serving Size: 184 grams
Zinc: 5.1 mg
DV%: 34
In addition to providing sufficient amounts of zinc, kidney beans also reduce the concentrations of C-reactive protein, which causes inflammatory disorders. the kidney beans also control blood sugar levels and help in the treatment of diabetes.

How to eat

You can include these in your salad or have them for an evening snack. It can also be added to the soup.

11. Peanuts

Serving Size: 146 grams
Zinc: 4.8 mg
DV%: 32
Groundnut contains many nutrients useful for the heart. These include niacin, magnesium, copper, monounsaturated fatty acid, and lots of other antioxidants.

Peanut consumption reduces the risk of developing gallstones in both men and women. The reason for this is the ability to reduce the cholesterol present in peanuts because gallstones are made from cholesterol.

How to eat

Peeling them and eating immediately is the best way to consume them.

12. Lamb

Serving Size: 113 grams
Zinc: 3.9 mg
DV%: 26
Protein is mainly found in Lamb and is a high-quality protein that contains all the essential amino acids.

It is particularly useful for bodybuilders, athletes, and surgery patients. Beta-alanine, a key amino acid found in it, increases body capacity.

How to eat

Lamb chops or roast or steak are good for your dinner.

13. Almonds

Serving Size: 95 grams
Zinc: 2.9 mg
DV%: 20
Almonds are the most popular and most delicious nuts. It contains antioxidants that reduce stress and slow down the aging process. It contains a high amount of Vitamin E which prevents cell membrane damage. It protects the brain from diseases like Alzheimer's.

How to eat

Eat a handful of almonds in the morning and at night before bed. You can also cut them and put them in the smoothie.

14. Crab

Serving Size: 85 grams
Zinc: 3.1 mg
DV%: 20
Crab is a rich source of protein. It also contains vitamin B12 in plenty which helps in the growth of healthy blood cells. It also protects the body from heart disease.

How to eat

Add chopped crab to your salad. You can also add it to the soup.

15. Chole

Serving Size: 164 grams
Zinc: 2.5 mg
DV%: 17
Due to the high amount of fiber in the fiber, it controls your blood sugar and cholesterol. It also reduces the risk of diabetes and heart disease. It also contains selenium which kills cancer-causing compounds.

How to eat

You can add it to a salad. Or you can make baked ingredients using its flour. You can also add it to the soup.

16. Peas

Serving Size: 160 grams
Zinc: 1.9 mg
DV%: 13
In addition to being rich in zinc, peas have low cholesterol and fat content. Peas are particularly rich in antioxidants called lutein.

Our body deposits this antioxidant in the macular region of our retina, which helps to filter light correctly.

This basically means that lutein deficiency can cause eye diseases such as macular degeneration and cataracts. Consuming peas can help prevent this condition.

How to eat

You can add these to your salad. You benefit by eating them raw.

17. Cashew

Serving Size: 28 grams
Zinc: 1.6 mg
DV%: 11
Cashew is rich in iron and copper, thereby increasing blood circulation. This leads to the development of red blood cells.

It can be used in place of animal protein and fat. This is due to the monosaturated and polyunsaturated fat present in it, which does not allow cholesterol and fat to accumulate in the heart.

How to eat

By eating them raw in the evening breakfast, your daily amount of zinc and nutrients are balanced.

18. Garlic

Serving Size: 136 grams
Zinc: 1.6 mg
DV%: 11
Garlic is most useful for the heart. This is due to the allicin present in it, a compound that exhibits potent biological effects.

And despite being highly nutritious, garlic has very few calories. It can improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It can fight the common cold. Its antioxidants also help prevent cognitive decline.

More interestingly, garlic can also help to detoxify heavy metals within the body.

How to eat

Eating raw garlic is most beneficial. You can also grind it and mix it with honey and apply it on toast.

19. Yogurt

Serving Size: 245 grams
Zinc: 1.4 mg
DV%: 10
Besides zinc, yogurt also contains calcium. One cup of yogurt contains 49% of your daily mineral requirement. Calcium keeps your teeth and bones healthy and B vitamins relieve congenital diseases. Yogurt contains a high amount of protein.

How to eat

You can take plain yogurt in food.

20. Baked Brown Rice

Serving Size: 195 grams
Zinc: 1.2 mg
DV%: 8
Brown rice is high in manganese which assists in nutrient absorption and production of digestive enzymes. Manganese also strengthens the immune system. Brown rice is also known to control blood sugar levels and aid in the treatment of diabetes.

How to eat

You can use brown rice instead of white rice in your meal.

21. Beef

Serving Size: 28 grams
Zinc: 1.3 mg
DV%: 8
Compared to other types of beef, grass-fed types are better. It contains less fat and more omega-3 fatty acids.

This type of beef contains high amounts of conjugated linoleic acid which is known to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. Grass-fed beef is also rich in vitamin E.

How to eat

You can eat pieces of beef by adding it to your salad.

22. Chicken

Serving Size: 41 grams
Zinc: 0.8 mg
DV%: 5
Chicken has higher protein content than other foods. It is also high in selenium. Selenium is highly useful in fighting cancer. Vitamins B6 and B3 increase metabolic rate and improve the health of body cells.

How to eat

You can add chicken pieces to your dish and eat it.

23. Turkey

Serving Size: 33 grams
Zinc: 0.4 mg
DV%: 3
Turkey is rich in protein, which can increase satiety and keep your stomach full for a long time. This can discourage overeating.

Getting enough protein can stabilize insulin levels after a meal. The selenium present in it provides immunity against cancer.

How to eat

Always choose a turkey that has a low sodium content. Eating the whole turkey may be good for you.

24. Mushroom

Serving Size: 70 grams
Zinc: 0.4 mg
Dv%: 2
Mushroom is one among the rare sources of germanium. Germanium is a nutrient from which the body uses oxygen well. It also provides iron, vitamin C and D.

How to eat

Putting mushrooms in your soup and drinking can be extremely beneficial for you. You can also add it to salads or curries.

25. Spinach

Serving Size: 30 grams
Zinc: 0.2 mg
Dv%: 1
Spinach contains antioxidants called alpha-lipoic acid that reduce glucose levels and inhibit oxidative stress, especially in patients with diabetes. It is also high in vitamin K which is good for bone health.

How to eat

You can eat spinach by adding it to soups, pasta, etc. You can also add it to your sandwich.
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