New and best way of Microblading to get perfect eyebrows

New and best way of Microblading to get perfect eyebrows

Along with the beauty of the eyes, the beauty of eyebrows is also a special part of our face. But often some girls have low eyebrows which they use a dark pencil to give the right shape. If you look at it, there are many such tools available in today's time, with the help of which you can give your eyebrows the desired shape and with the help of these better measures, you can make your eyebrows thick and thick.
New and best way of Microblading to get perfect eyebrows
New and best way of Microblading to get perfect eyebrows

But today we are telling you about such a machine, with the help of which you can make thin eyebrows dense by implanting thin eyebrows into the skin with the help of natural hairNew and best way of Microblading to get perfect eyebrows

Learn about the eyebrows microblading method...

Before using the Microblading method, you should have complete knowledge about it.

What is microblading?

  1. Microblading process
  2. Things to check before going for Microblading
  3. Take care before going for Microblading
  4. Post-microblading care
  5. Microblading process cost

What is microblading?

It is a cosmetic tattoo art process in which some colors are injected into the skin with a machine through a needle. By this process, the natural hair is inserted into the skin for which a machine is used. This process takes less time to do.

How to process microblading

Before starting this process, the eyebrows are given the correct shape and then the gap is filled.
After this, colors are selected looking at the skin tone. Then it is made into a hair by giving it a feather look with a tattoo pen.
You may or may not have to come many times to do this process. It all depends on your eyebrow how she is.

Keep these things in mind before going for Microblading

Special attention to cleanliness: Before the Microblading process is carried out, it is very important to have a clear improvement of the place. Therefore, special attention should also be taken to these things. So that infection can be avoided.

Trainer's trainer: Whenever you go for the Microblading process, first of all, take special care of whether the trainer has complete information about it or not. He should have in-depth training in this process.

Who has half the information: In today's time, people learn a lot through YouTube videos, but for the Microblading process, half of this incomplete information is not required, it should be fully trained. Take special care of this matter.

It is necessary for the doctor to have a license: If the doctor with whom you are going to get Microblading, first check whether he has a license or not. A permanent treatment should be insured.

Look at the samples: When you are going for Microblading, do not see the closeup of the eyebrows in the photos shown by them there, but also by looking at the whole face, check whether they have applied the hair of the eyes according to the tone of the skin. What does the hair color used in the face and eyebrows look like?

Avoid Discount: If someone is giving you a huge discount on getting Microblading, then avoid this offer. Maybe something is wrong. Because the cost of the things used in this process is high.

Eyebrows Microblading: It should not be too dark, while taking Microblading, take special care that its size and color should be natural. More dark colors can look quite bad. It should be made according to the growth of hair.
New and best way of Microblading to get perfect eyebrows
New and best way of Microblading to get perfect eyebrows

It is like permanent: The special thing about Microblading is that it can be risky to treat, but do not think that it is temporary and if something goes wrong and you want to remove the Microblading eyebrows then Tattoo Removal Treatment for it. Can.

It is a permanent treatment: Microblading is a permanent treatment, and after a period of time the color of the ink starts to fade which can spoil the face. In such a situation, the tattoo should be done on your face with very careful hands.
Take care before going for Microblading

Stop drink alcohol or caffeine 2 days before taking this treatment. The main reason for this is that the skin becomes very thin during treatment, which increases the risk of bleeding.

  1. Do not leave in the sun for at least one week during treatment.
  2. Do not take aspirin, retinol, niacin, Advil, vitamin E 2 days before treatment.
  3. Do not use microdermabrasion, facials and chemical products at least 1 month before treatment.
  4. To improve this treatment, you should not apply threading backs, thread or tint (color) of your eyebrows for at least a week.

Post-microblading care

• After applying the microblading procedure, protect the eyebrows from moisture before applying the ointment.

• Maintain cleanliness around eyebrow using mild cleanser and water.

• Do not use abrasive washcloths or sponges near your eyebrows.

• Do not try to scratch the place at all. If you do this, the problem may increase. This will start coloring.

• You should avoid sunlight and tanning beds for about a month after the procedure. Stay away from hot showers, sauna, steam room.

• Do not use makeup for at least two weeks.

• Always wear sunscreen.

• Allow it to fully recover before using any chemical process.

The Microblading process is becoming more popular nowadays even though the cost involved is between $ 350 to $ 900 but if you want to fix your eyebrows and give them a natural look then this is the best idea for you. I hope that you have become fully aware of the information given by us. After obtaining this information, you can adopt the Microblading process without any doubt.
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