Top 30 Phosphorus foods For Good Health and Body.

Top 30 Phosphorus foods For Good Health and Body

After calcium, phosphorus ranks second among the most commonly found minerals in our body. It is important for bones and teeth and also helps in storing the energy of the body.

Phosphorus, along with calcium, also provides protection against bone diseases such as osteoporosis. Phosphorus filters toxins and repairs cells and tissues. It also contributes to the production of mineral DNA and RNA.
Top 30 Phosphorus foods For Good Health and Body.

Sources of phosphorus

Let us tell you about the foods which contain a high amount of phosphorus.

1. Soybean

1 cup contains 1309 mg of phosphorus.

Soybeans are a rich source of protein and B vitamins. And isoflavones found in soybeans can reduce the symptoms of menopause. But thyroid patients should not use soybean excessively.

How to eat

You can eat soy cream cheese by adding it to your toast.

2. Linseed seeds (whole)

1 tablespoon of whole flaxseed seeds contains 65.8 mg of phosphorus.

Flax seeds are abundant in omega-3 fatty acids. A teaspoon of flaxseed seeds contains 1.8 grams of omega-3s which are beneficial for heart and brain. It also contains lignans which have properties of antioxidants.

How to eat

Add 2 tablespoons of flaxseed seeds to your smoothie.

3. Lentils

1 cup 866 mg of Phosphorus is found.

Lentils are high in protein and are one of the healthiest foods you can count on. They also contain fiber, potassium, and folate all of which contribute to heart health. Folate may also aid in pregnancy and prevent neural tube defects in newborns.

How to eat

You can use lentils as lentils, especially red lentils.

4. Navy Bean

846 mg of phosphorus is found in 1 cup.

Apart from phosphorus, navy beans also help you to meet your daily magnesium requirements. Magnesium is a mineral that regulates your muscle function and aids in cell metabolism. Navy beans have a low glycemic index, making them useful in diabetes.

How to eat

You can add fresh navy beans to the evening soup.

5. Oats

1 cup contains 816 mg of phosphorus.

Oats are healthy. They help prevent constipation and control blood pressure and blood sugar levels. They also act as a soothing agent and improve skin health.

How to eat

Take them for breakfast or add them to your smoothie.

6. kidney beans

1 cup contains 793 mg of phosphorus.

The kidney beans are rich in polyphenols that help slow tumor growth. They reduce inflammation and aid in the treatment of cancer. They also control blood pressure levels and are therefore helpful in diabetes.

How to eat

Include these in your salad.

7. Quinoa

1 cup contains 777 mg of phosphorus.

Quinoa is rich in insoluble fiber, which induces satiety and ultimately aids in weight loss. It also contains another super-nutrient, lucasin, which has provided incredible advantages in cancer treatment.

How to eat

The best way to take them is to make energy bars from them. For this, mix 2 cups of seeds with wheat flour and add nuts and nuts to it. Bake it at 375 F.

8. Swizz Cheese

1 slice contains 159 mg of phosphorus.

The best thing about Swiss cheese is its probiotic content. It contains a special probiotic (called P. frudenreichii) that is known to increase longevity. And like most dairy products, it is good for your bones. It also contains a good amount of Vitamin A which improves skin and vision health.

How to eat

Eat it on your bread toast.

9. Atlantic Sardines

1 Atlantic sardine contains 59 mg of phosphorus.

Sardines are one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids. And omega-3s are beneficial for your heart and brain and also provide many skin benefits. They also have high levels of calcium and vitamin D, which ensures bone strength.

How to eat

Take a can of sardine and take it out in a bowl. Add vegetables to it and mash it and eat it in the evening.

10. Dried Peas

1 cup contains 721 mg of phosphorus.

Dried peas are a very good source of soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber helps reduce cholesterol levels while insoluble bowel movement improves. Peas are also rich in iron.

How to eat

Add some peas to your salad.

11. Lima Beans

1 cup contains 685 mg of phosphorus.

Apart from phosphorus, molybdenum is also found in lima beans. This nutrient is particularly helpful for people suffering from sulfite sensitivity whose symptoms include headaches, confusion, and rapid heart rate.

How to eat

Add them to your salad.

12. Sesame seeds

906 mg of phosphorus is found in 1 cup.

Sesame seeds also contain compounds called phytosterols that help reduce cholesterol levels. These hormones help balance and, in particular, improve the production of sex hormones.

How to eat

Add them to your salad.

13. Mustard

1 cup contains 632 mg of phosphorus.

Mustard is particularly rich in magnesium and iron nutrients which is important to fight fatigue and tiredness. And zinc found in rye helps to strengthen the immune system.

How to eat

Take rye flax for breakfast.

14. Brown Rice

185 mg of phosphorus is found in 1 cup.

The magnesium content in brown rice works very well for heart health. And since it is naturally gluten-free, it can be food for those who cannot eat gluten. Brown rice cuts diabetes risk.

How to eat

Use brown rice instead of white rice in your meal.

15. Peanuts

1 cup contains 523 mg of phosphorus.

It is rich in energy, which means that your energy level remains high in a handful. Peanuts also improve heart health and increase lifespan - and most importantly, they are not as expensive as other nuts.

How to eat

You can boil them and eat them. Adding salt to it makes it tastier.

16. Barley

1 cup contains 486 mg of phosphorus.

Eating barley increases your daily manganese and selenium nutrition. These are the elements that improve the brain. In addition, the calcium and magnesium found in it strengthen bones. The zinc present in it is useful in the production of collagen.

How to eat

Add it to your soup and consume it.

17. Almonds

1 ounce (23 almonds) contains 137 mg of phosphorus.

Being rich in protein and fiber, almonds keep your stomach full. They are also rich in Vitamin E, which is an important nutrient for skin and hair health.

How to eat

You can chew raw almonds and eat them in the morning.

18. Eggs

1 medium-sized egg contains 84 mg of phosphorus.

Eggs are best known for their inexpensive and high-quality protein. They are also rich in vitamin B2 and many other nutrients necessary for the healthy functioning of the body.

How to eat

Cut them into salads.

19. Atlantic Salmon

1/2 fillet contains 449 mg of phosphorus.

Salmon is a fish that is a wonderful source of omega-3 fatty acids. Apart from this, it is also a great source of protein and B vitamins. Fish benefits the heart and promotes weight control.

How to eat

You will benefit immensely by eating chopped salmon in your salad.

20. Tempeh

1 cup contains 442 mg of phosphorus.

This soybean contains probiotic bacteria that can enrich your gut health. Tempeh is also rich in manganese which can help fight diabetes.

How to eat

It is very tasty. Add it to the curry daily.

21. Chicken

1/2 chicken breast contains 196 mg of phosphorus.

Chicken is loaded with protein that helps build muscle and maintain skeletal tissue. It is also a great source of selenium that can fight other irreversible diseases like cancer, heart disease, and infection.

How to eat

Add chopped chicken to salad and eat.

22. Sunflower Seeds

1 cup contains 304 mg of phosphorus.

Sunflower seeds are rich in Vitamin E, which protects the body's cells from damage by free radicals. It can also work to maintain your vision and prevent eye diseases such as macular degeneration.

How to eat

Eat them like this or put them in oatmeal and eat them.

23. Chole

1 cup contains 276 mg of phosphorus.

They are one of the best plant sources of protein. They are also low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium due to which it can be made a staple in your diet without any worries. They also contain other phytonutrients such as quercetin and phenolic acid - which have antioxidant properties and fight free radicals.

How to eat

Add them to your evening soup.

24. Tuna

1 cup contains 269 mg of phosphorus.

This tuna is a great food for heart health due to omega-3s. It is also low in calories and high in protein - which is why you can make it your regular protein source instead of those unhealthy fatty meats. But white tuna has high mercury content.

How to eat

Include cand tuna in your diet.

25. Moong

1 cup contains 244 mg of phosphorus.

Moong is cheap and a great plant source of protein. They are also rich in fiber, also known as resistant starch, which plays an important role in weight control. Starch in moong also acts as a probiotic and improves gut health.

How to eat

Boil moong and add salt and eat it.

26. Tofu

1/2 cup contains 239 mg of phosphorus.
It is a good source of protein and contains all eight essential amino acids. It is also rich in iron, calcium, manganese, and selenium. However, tofu also contains some antinutrients such as lectins and phytates that may block the functioning of some important enzymes in the body. To eliminate these antinutrients, you can cook or soak soybeans.

How to eat

Add silken tofu to your smoothie and eat it.

27. Yogurt

1 cup contains 233 mg of phosphorus.

Curd comes from milk. So, you will get animal protein and other nutritional supplements like calcium and B vitamins which are responsible for optimal metabolism and energy.

How to eat

Eat plain curd or add fruit to it.

28. Potatoes

1 large potato contains 210 mg of phosphorus.

Potatoes are also rich in potassium which is a mineral beneficial for the heart as it helps in controlling blood pressure. They also contain vitamin C, which improves immunity and skin and hair health.

How to eat

Add them to your salad. Mash boiled potatoes and add salt and eat.

29. Cod

1 fillet pod contains 202 mg of phosphorus.

It is another fish with a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. It is also a good source of vitamin B12 and selenium which are great nutrients for brain health.

How to eat

Bake it or fry it.

30. Green Peas

1 cup contains 187 mg of phosphorus.

Green peas contain vitamin K which is an important nutrient especially for bone health and blood coagulation. They also contain decent levels of folate and vitamin A, which are essential for brain and vision health respectively.

How to eat

Add some green peas to the salad and eat.
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