Does Eating Spices Make Your Immunity Boost?

Does Eating Spices Make Your Immunity Boost?

Humans have been using spices for centuries. No food can be imagined in India without turmeric and chili. But now the question comes, do spices increase our immunity, and can they be alternatives to medicines?
Does Eating Spices Make Your Immunity Boost?
Does Eating Spices Make Your Immunity Boost?

Many spices are destined for the whole world from Asia itself. Spices not only make food tasty but are also useful for our health. Research on all types of spices has also been done on this claim.

In recent times, many claims are being made about spices. For example, drinking lemon juice mixed with water reduces weight. Drinking turmeric milk provides relief from any kind of pain. If there is a sore throat, ginger tea is the panacea for this. And likewise, many other claims have been made regarding eating spices.

It is said that Hillary Clinton used to eat a red chili every day while campaigning in the 2016 US presidential election to protect herself from diseases.

Turmeric, which has been used in Asia for centuries, has now come under the category of superfood. Coffee made from turmeric under the name of 'Golden Latte' is being served in coffee shops around the world.

How much benefit do spices actually have?

These days, the message about the properties of turmeric is very viral, that turmeric is the best medium to increase immunity.

Do spices really make our food tasty as well as protect us from diseases? Or can any spice harm us?

Red pepper is the most commonly used item in spices. In many types of research, the benefits of chili health have also been discussed. But it has both advantages and disadvantages.

The most important element in cayenne pepper is capsaicin. When we eat chili, capsaicin comes into contact with cells that adjust body temperature and signal the brain to feel warm.

Some research also claims that capsaicin is helpful in keeping a person alive for a long time.

Benefits of Red Chili

According to research conducted in Italy in 2019, people who eat red chili cooked food four days a week have a lower risk of premature death.

Another similar research was done in China in 2015. Here, this research was done on about five million healthy people consuming red chilies.
Does Eating Spices Make Your Immunity Boost?
Does Eating Spices Make Your Immunity Boost?

Research has found that people who consume chili daily have a longer life than those who eat chili once a week. That is, cancer, heart diseases, and respiratory diseases are very less in such people.

But this does not mean that more and more red chilies should be used to save health.

This is to say that the consumption of chilies keeps the metabolic activity, ie, the digestive process right. Cholesterol remains controlled, reducing the risk of heart diseases.

Research has also said that capsaicin increases the energy levels in the body, which our body keeps on burning during any work. It also keeps our hunger down.

Avoid eating too much chili

Professor Xumin Xi at Qatar University says that chili relieves obesity complaints and is beneficial for people with high blood pressure. But Professor Jumin Xi also says that the brain of those who consume more chilies does not work very fast.

In particular, the ability to maintain it worsens. She says the danger is greater for those who eat 50 grams of chili every day.

In addition, people often complain of burning sensation after eating chili. This is also very interesting for researchers. But it is natural to be a little jealous.

As we see in the case of caffeine. Consumption of caffeine increases our metabolism, which makes us feel like we have refreshed for work.

A 2014 research report says that it is not yet clear how much we benefit from this if we take chili in small quantities.

How many benefits of turmeric?

In the same way, turmeric is said to be all around. In turmeric, an element called curcumin is found in large quantities. Its small molecules are very helpful in relieving irritation, stress, pain, and many other problems.

Many properties of turmeric are counted. But there are many shortcomings in this claim.

Several studies conducted in the lab have found that curcumin has the potential to fight deadly diseases like cancer. But the environment of the lab is different from the human body.
Does Eating Spices Make Your Immunity Boost?
Does Eating Spices Make Your Immunity Boost?

Curcumin does not easily dissolve in water. This means that our body does not get the full benefit of turmeric.

According to researcher Freedman, people prefer to eat hot, cold, dry, and moist. He wants a balance between all these and turmeric does the same thing in food.

For example, fish is a cold and wet diet but spices serve to make it hot and dry.

Apart from this, spices also have Ayurvedic importance. In India, this importance of spices has been given priority for thousands of years. This discovery is completely new to Western countries. So they are seeing this as a new era of medicine.

Spices are not a substitute for medicine

The new society's tendency towards spices, Freedmen says, is taking us back to the medieval era where there was a thick wall between modern medicine and traditional medicine. In those times, Ayurveda and home remedies which called themselves modern were considered superstitions.

At one time, there was a lot of uproar over the medicinal properties of turmeric and researcher Catherine Nelson researched it. In research, they found that turmeric changes its chemical properties when cooked with other spices in food.

In addition, if turmeric also has medicinal properties, they are not due to curcumin. Excess use of turmeric will not cause harm, but it is also not advised to use it as a medicine.

All the research that has been done on the medicinal properties of chili and turmeric has been done in the lab. They have somewhat different effects on the human body. Therefore, it is difficult to find any direct relationship between these two mutual relations and causes. It is also important to see how we are using turmeric and chili.

Any spice can be used according to taste and taste. But do not consume it as a medicine.
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