Makarasana (Crocodile Pose) Benefits, Steps, Precaution

Makarasana (Crocodile Pose) Benefits, Steps, Precaution

There are many benefits of regular yoga. Positiveness comes from Yogasana, along with it keeps you healthy by eliminating diseases. Yoga benefits only when you do it correctly. Currently, the connection with stress has become the closest, the most effective posture to overcome it is Makarasan. This asana is also said to be easy to relax and relieve fatigue.
Makarasana (Crocodile Pose) Benefits, Steps, Precaution
Makarasana (Crocodile Pose) Benefits, Steps, Precaution

Makarasan is a Sanskrit word consisting of these two words Makara and Asan. Here Makara means Crocodile and Asana means Pose. The currency of the crocodile lying in a calm state in the river is called Makarasan. While practicing this asana, one has to lie on the ground in a very calm posture in the shape of a crocodile.

It is an asana in which breathing is done by keeping the eyes closed, due to which it keeps the body and mind absolutely calm and relieves depression, restlessness, confusion, migraine, and brain disorders. This asana works as a medicine for people suffering from headaches. This asana is also very beneficial in removing the problem of back pain in women.

Let us know about Makarasan (Crocodile Pose) Benefits, Steps, Precaution

Benefits of Makarasana

Makarasan is performed with a calm mind and brain. Therefore, its biggest benefit is to the brain. It is very beneficial in keeping the mind focused and to overcome the problem of stress. Apart from this, there are many benefits to Makarasana. Come learn about those benefits.

1. By practicing this asana, the muscles of the shoulders and spine reduce tension and the muscles become strong and flexible. That is why people practice Makarasan to get rid of muscle-related problems. This asana is also beneficial in improving the muscles of the hips.

2. Asthma disease is cured by deep breathing and exhalation process while practicing Makarasan. Apart from this, Knee Pain and lung-related problems also end.

3. Practicing Makarasana in the right way daily gets rid of spondylitis disease. Performing this asana also removes the problem of sciatica and slipped discs. Apart from this, this asana also removes small disorders of the body. This asana is also beneficial in relieving knee pain.

4. By practicing Makarasan, you get rid of hypertension, heart diseases, and mental disorders. Therefore to avoid these diseases, one should practice Makarasana daily. This asana is also very helpful in relieving foot pain.

5. This asana helps to provide relief from body fatigue and pain, reduce neck stiffness, tone abdominal muscles, and overcome constipation problems as well as many diseases related to stomach.
The right way to do Makarasana

Any asana can be very beneficial for our body if done properly. Let us know what is the right way to do Makarasan.

Method to do of Makarasana

1. Lie on your stomach hair.

2. Raise the head and shoulders up and rest the chin on the palms and elbows on the floor.

3. Keep elbows together (make sure there is no pain in doing this) to make more bend in the spine.

4. If there is extra pressure on the neck, separate the elbows slightly. If the elbows are more forward then there will be more pressure on the neck, closer pressure on the back.

5. Choose the correct location of elbows according to your body. The best place is where you feel completely relaxed in the back and neck.

6. Relax the whole body and close the eyes.

Things to keep in mind before doing Makarasan

This asana is very different from other asanas. This means that this asana is practiced with a relaxed mind and brain as this asana is the action of lying in a relaxed posture.

The right time to practice Makarasana is in the morning, as a very peaceful place and the atmosphere is required to perform this asana. Keep the stomach empty before practicing Makarasan. If for some reason you practice this asana in the evening, do not eat anything for several hours before the practice, then this asana will be beneficial.

What are the precautions to be taken in Makarasana

Generally, every type of asana, yoga, and pranayama is beneficial for our body, but when there is any specific problem in the body, we should also take some necessary precautions while practicing any asana. Let us know what precautions to take while doing Makarasan.

1. If you are suffering from severe back pain or back pain and neck pain or have any injury to these organs, avoid practicing Makarasan otherwise it may increase your problem.

2. If you are troubled by any health-related problem, please consult the expert once before practicing Makarasan.

3. While practicing Makarasan keep the body straight and do not rotate at any angle otherwise many problems may arise in the body.

4. While doing this asana, do not create much tension in the body and practice Makarasana with a calm mind only then it will prove beneficial.

5. Avoid practicing Makarasana in noisy or noisy places, otherwise, the mind will not concentrate and only time will be wasted in doing this asana.

6. If you have problems with obesity and high blood pressure, do not practice Makarasan.
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