Side Effects of Vitamin C Probably Never Knew.

Side Effects of Vitamin C Probably Never Knew.

Vitamins are very important for our body. It contains antioxidants and also has many benefits, such as vitamin C is very beneficial for our body, our skin, and our hair. We all know this thing very well. But it also has some disadvantages. Yes, you must have always heard about the benefits of Vitamin C, but also know about its Side Effects of vitamin C once.
Side Effects of Vitamin C Probably Never Knew.
Side Effects of Vitamin C Probably Never Knew.

Vitamin C Side Effects

It is said that anything does excessive damage. The same thing applies to your diet. If you take the right amount in anything, it will benefit you, while if you consume more of anything, then it also has its side effects.

If vitamin C is taken in excess, then the amount of iron in the body becomes high, which increases the risk of many diseases in the body.
Excess of vitamin C increases the risk of kidney damage.
Excessive intake of vitamin C can cause stomach upset.
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