What is colon infection, Irrfan Khan was struggling with?

What is colon infection, Irrfan Khan was struggling with?

Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan breathed his last at the Kokila Ben Hospital on Wednesday due to colon infection. In 2018, Irrfan Khan was diagnosed with a neuroendocrine tumor. He was undergoing treatment in London. He then returned to India after his health improved. But on Tuesday night, Irfan was suddenly hospitalized due to a colon infection. In this article, we will learn about the causes, symptoms, and treatment of colon infection.
What is colon infection, Irrfan Khan was struggling with?
What is colon infection, Irrfan Khan was struggling with?

What is the colon?

The colon, the rectum, is a part of the digestive system in our body. When we eat food, our body separates the liquid and hard substances after digesting the food. The waste material then accumulates in the colon and comes out as feces.
What is colon infection, Irrfan Khan was struggling with?
What is colon infection, Irrfan Khan was struggling with?

What is colon infection

Inflammation of the inner lining of the colon is commonly called colitis, which is part of our large intestine. It is classified as a variety of colitis, including infection, poor blood supply, and parasites, and can cause inflammation in the colon.

Common symptoms of inflammation in the colon include abdominal pain, diarrhea, and cramps.

Early signs of colon infection

Colon infections are due to many different reasons. If the causes of infection are different, the symptoms may be different. However, some symptoms are common to all. A patient suffering from an infection in the colon complains of stomach cramps with abdominal pain. In addition, fever or diarrhea are also common symptoms. In this disease, blood comes along with diarrhea.

Apart from this, the weight of the patient also starts decreasing. In fact, in colon infection, cells present on the surface of the large intestine die, which causes ulcers. It is also called Ulcerative colitis.

What happens in colon infection?

Colon infection is a type of stomach infection. Sometimes eating at the wrong time or overeating causes a stomach infection. These are a type of food poisoning variety. This infection is caused by eating such food, which our digestive system has to work very hard to digest. Or food that is not properly digested in our body.

This kind of waste food starts accumulating in our colon, as well as the chemical elements that are made in our digestive system during digestion, also get deposited in various forms in the colon and damage it. When the condition becomes more severe, mucus, or phlegm accumulates in the colon, and problems begin to increase during bowel movements.

There are many types of colitis

Colon infection is also known as colitis. Let us know what are these types.

Inflammatory bowel syndrome

IBD is a group of chronic diseases that cause inflammation of the digestive system. There are two main types of IBD - Crohn's disease and Ulcerative colitis.

Ischemic colitis

When blood does not flow properly in the colon, it can cause ischemic colitis.

Allergic reaction

Allergic colitis is a disease in children compared to adults. The disease affects about two-three percent of infants.

Microscopic colitis

Microscopic colitis is caused by an increase in the amount of lymphocyte in the body. This colitis can only be seen through a microscope.

Drug colitis

In some people, there is an inflammation problem in the colon, due to medications that reduce inflammation. It is caused by NSAID medicines. People who have used NSAID drugs for a long time are at risk of this colitis.

Treatment of colon infection

Treatment of colon infection depends on the type of colitis. Treatment includes anti-inflammatory medications, antibiotics, supplements, surgery, and lifestyle changes.

Keep the colon clean like this

To keep the colon clean, it is necessary to first drink enough water. Drink more and more beverages. It helps to cleanse the colon and maintain digestion properly.

Fiber-rich food: To cleanse the colon, it is important that you include fiber-rich food in your diet. It helps in removing the waste present in the body in the form of feces. This results in regular cleaning of the colon. Eating khichdi is very beneficial for colon cleansing. It is very beneficial for the digestive system.
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